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Linscott Charter

Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    Budget Overview For Parents

    Linscott's Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

    Due to several factors resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, California has waived the requirement for public schools/districts to create and submit a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) for the 2020-2021 school year.  In order to hold schools/districts accountable for meeting the diverse needs of their students during this challenging and unprecedented time, the California Department of Education is requiring all public schools to document their efforts in a new report called the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan.  The plan was presented in a public hearing at the Site Management Team (SMT) meeting on 9/23 and to various stakeholder groups for input and feedback.  The Linscott SMT voted to approve the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan on 9/29/2020. You can find Linscott's Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan linked below.


    Picture Day

    at Linscott Charter School

    Wednesday, April 28th

    Picture Day Schedule

    ***Off site students in RED


     (those in groups A and online learning only)


    Students are to be dropped off at the West Gate (ball wall) for temperature checks and parents are asked to wait for their student by parking or driving around the school  -– PICTURES WON’T TAKE LONG!

    Be sure to log onto the 'Student Check In' link below to complete the questionnaire for each student before arriving in line for drop-off.

    Student Check In

    8:35 AM

    Rainbow Room - Group B (7 students)


    Heart Room - Group B (8 students)

    8:50 AM

    Discovery Room - Group B (8 students)


    Fox Landing - Group B (9 students)

    9:10 AM

    Kinder - Group B (8 students)


    Phoenix Hall - Group B (8 students)

    9:30 AM

    Exploration Station - Group B (10 students)


    Research Room - Group B (12 students)


    LL 7th - Group B (10 students)


    LL8th - Group B (10 students)

    10:15 AM


    10:30 AM

    Kinder Off-Site (14 students)


    Rainbow Room Off-Site (14 students)

    11:00 AM

    Heart Room Off-Site (14 students)


    Discovery Off-Site (14 students)

    11:30 AM

    Phoenix Hall Off-Site (14 students)


    Exploration Station Off-Site (20 students)

    12:15 PM


    12:45 PM

    Staff Individual Pictures

    1:00 PM

    Research Room Off-Site (18 students)


    Fox Landing Off-Site (22 students)

    1:30 PM

    LL7th Off-Site (16 students)

    1:45 PM

    LL8th Off-Site (20 students)

    Pre-Order by clicking on

    this link

    Picture Day ID: EVT9V4QKP

    This code will be valid until 4/29/21. After this date, families will need to wait until they receive the proofs/photo packages, which will be shipping to the school approx. 4-5 weeks after.