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Research Room



Teacher: Lisa Fowler     


Fifth Grade in Research Room at Linscott is challenging, but lots of fun. Students work hard developing their academic and study skills in preparation for middle school. Reading, writing, science, math, art and music are all integrated through the study of early American history. Students read and respond to numerous novels, biographies and journals including The Birch Bark House, Amos Fortune, Freeman, My Brother Sam is Dead, and Pocahontas.
We spend a week at Sierra Outdoor School in Sonora studying forest ecosystems, performing campfire skits, testing our night vision, and hiking many, many miles. We even spend a day skiing and snowboarding at Dodge Ridge. We go on many other field trips as well, all of which enhance or expand on our classroom studies.
Students leave fifth grade in Research Room with a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, science, history and enriched by experiences in art, music, nature and travel.

Enriching Activities

  • Study Native American Nations
  • Spend a week at Sierra Outdoor School in Sonora
  • Write and perform American history skits
  • Attend an opera or a ballet
  • Spend time hiking and exploring the outdoors
  • Participate in the Elementary Law "Cookie Trial"
  • Host a "1774 Tea" for parents and perform poems, songs and dances from the 18th century
  • Host a "States Convention" for other students at Linscott
  • Participate in a science fair