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Exploration Station

Teacher: Karen Hansen       
Fourth grade is an exciting year at Linscott. We spend the entire year learning about California's fascinating history, including California’s first people, the mission and Mexican eras, the gold rush and much more. A great deal of our social studies and science units are intertwined with our state's geography and natural features. Students also research several historical topics, create reports and choose from a variety of projects to accompany and present with their work.
A large portion of our Language Arts curriculum is based on numerous selections from an anthology called, California Journeys, which integrates very well with our broader studies.We also read many historical novels including, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Patty Reed's Doll, By the Great Horn Spoon and many others. We utilize Literacy Groups which are guided, student-led groups using rotating assignments that focus on specific aspects of the text.
Math is a big part of our curriculum as well. Math concepts include expanded number sense, calculations with larger numbers, logic, reasoning and probability, geometry, measurement and word-problem  solving involving all operations.  Students use standards-aligned textbooks along with other enriching curriculum including manipulatives.  Students often work as partners and present problems/solutions to the class. Math is infused into the broader curriculum when and wherever possible.
Our Science curriculum is presented thematically alongside our Social Studies curriculum.We study the internal & external forces that change the Earth’s surface, the interactions of living/non-living things in our land and water ecosystems, geology, electricity & magnetism and the states of matter.
In addition to our traditional academic areas, students also participate weekly in well-structured Physical Education, Music, and the Arts.
Finally, in order to connect our learning to real world experiences, we take many interesting Field Trips. Our Field Trips tend to focus on the history and science curriculum with explorations to Mission San Juan Bautista, Old Monterey, and many, many others all of which  make significant impacts and impressions on the students and parent chaperones alike.
Fourth Grade is a lot of hard work but it is also full of a lot of exploration, discovery and growth!

Enriching Activities

  • Field Trips
  • Multi-Media Projects & Reports
  • iPad Centers
  • Large Group, Small Group, Partner Work
  • Presentations
  • Curriculum-Based Art Projects
  • Guest Educators