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Discovery Room

Teacher: Carron Prudhon
Discovery Room students experience a rich and exciting standards-based curriculum which addresses the whole child. A primary focus is self-esteem, empowerment and nurturing a love of learning.
The academic focus is on the core areas of reading, writing and mathematics which will be addressed singly in terms of skills and across the content areas in expanded units designed to engage students and motivate their learning.
Reading will include addressing each child at their skill level, word work, guided reading from a wide variety of children's literature, read aloud books related to our studies as well as a large library for student use. Writing will include basic skills, journaling, stories, skit writing, letters, book and research reports and elementary web design. The math curriculum will be supplemented by many kinds of manipulatives, math tools and games.
In addition to covering standards, Discovery Room students will also learn about aspects of character, team and community and have many opportunities to work with a group and to experience leadership. Art will play a large role in the classroom and will include an exploration of many materials and techniques related to our units of study.
The class will explore technology, create class books and host a gallery art show and reception. Language labs will be held once a week with available instruction in Spanish and sign language. There will be several student theatrical productions varying in size and complexity as we explore various forms of theater. There will be daily class meetings to promote our community, practice core skills in new ways and provide opportunities for self-expression.
Following the holiday recess we will have a 12-week multicultural unit which will include countries where students' families originate, their history, art and language past and present. 

Enriching Activities

  • Attend Santa Cruz County Fair
  • Participate in the Flat Stanley Project with children around the world
  • Explore the Rocky Shore habitat at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Visit the elephant seals at Año Nuevo
  • Attend several professional theatrical productions at the Mello Center
  • Write and receive letters regularly from penpals, authors, artists, people in government
  • Experience UCSC life lab garden program in the spring