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Rainbow Room



Teacher: Mike Rindt     


Rainbow Room is a multi-age class of grades first-second-third who learn, play, create and grow at their own pace and rhythm. The focus is on the individual's developmental readiness to succeed in academic areas such as reading, writing, math and science as well as the social-emotional realms of inter- and intra-personal dynamics. Much emphasis is placed on social agreements and how students interact with the classroom community. Many opportunities are presented in a hands-on, experiential format for a student to learn about and develop their own natural intelligence. The curriculum is integrated and thematic with an emphasis on the practical and expressive arts. A healing environment is maintained with Brain Gym, movement and singing for brain-compatible and heart-enriched learning. Accessing nature and the outdoors as a living classroom is also a strong focus for Rainbow Room

Enriching Activities

  • Enjoy learning in a cross-age classroom
  • Go camping with the families of Rainbow Room
  • Study environmental education with a low tide hike and many other field trips
  • Participate in Brain Gym activities to enhance learning and well-being 
  • Learn culinary arts by helping with Rainbow Cafe, including a focus on good nutrition
  • Learn with thematic instruction that integrates the arts
  • Life lab curriculum and garden project integrated into a rich investigative science program
  • Have fun with the expressive arts of movement and singing
  • Learn about ourselves and our emotional intelligence