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School Charter

School Charter


Linscott Charter School is a mature charter school that has been successfully operating since 1994. The strength of the original vision of the founders of Linscott Charter School was reaffirmed this year as the Site Management Team (SMT) led the school community through a process of reviewing the mission statement and charter. At a town hall meeting in October 2007, the school community began the process by reviewing the mission statement. The consensus of the community is that our mission continues to be an accurate articulation of our school’s purpose.  The SMT met to explore the ways in which our school has changed and to focus our vision for the future. Their work, along with the continued relevance of the vision of our founders, is reflected in this revised charter.


Mission Statement

Linscott Charter School is a K-8 parent participation school, collaboratively governed by parents and staff. Dedicated teachers and supportive families provide individualized, active, hands-on learning that fosters each child's academic success, encouraging excellence. Students become self-motivated, critical thinkers, demonstrating creativity and confidence. Our focus on community, in and out of the classroom, allows students to gain social and environmental awareness.

To view Linscott's full charter, approved 2008, download the attachment below.


2018-2023 NewCharterDocument.pdf (PDF)