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Arrival Details:

  • Children may NOT be dropped off prior to 8:00 am for any reason. There is no supervision for children during this time. This is not a safe option for your child.

  • At 8:00, the Alley Drive-up gate will be open. Any student may be dropped off at this time.

  • Beginning at 8:15, all gates will be open to all students. Staff members will be posted to greet students.

  • The drive-up gates will have two designated areas each for students to exit vehicles.

  • School begins at 8:30 am. Gates will close at 8:30 or once the car line subsides after 8:30, whichever is first.

  • All late students must be admitted to the school through the front door of the school. (The front door will not be available for drop-off before 8:30.)


Dismissal Details:

For the first week of school (8/15-8/19) all students dismiss at 12:30.

Beginning after the first week of school, the dismissal times are as follows:

Kindergarten - 1:00

1st-8th grades - 3:00


Students will be dismissed in the designated outdoor locations listed below.

Kinder-4th & Rainbow Room and older sibling pick up: Alley (Drive-up)/East gate (walk-up)

5th-8th pick up: West Playground

  • Older siblings will be located with the youngest sibling for pick up.

  • The drive-up gates will have designated areas each for students to enter vehicles.

  • To expedite the Alley pick-up line, there will be one staff member walking down the car line to ask which child is being picked up. Your child will be waiting at one of the two pick-up areas for you by the time you arrive at the designated pick-up area.

Students Exiting Campus Early

  • To pick up a student prior to the end of the school day a parent/guardian please call the office at 831-728-6301 to request pick up.

  • Office staff will call the classroom teacher to have the student report to the office for pick up.

  • Office staff will accompany the student to the front door and will wait until the parent/guardian arrives.

  • Parent/guardian will sign their student out per our normal early pick-up procedures.