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Before and After School

Please note: There is NO supervision before 8:15 a.m. So please DO NOT drop off your student prior to that time.  We realize there are exceptions to accommodate early morning appointments, so an arrangement with the office MUST be made in advance.

Detailed After-School Instructions:

Please read these instructions for details about our after-school procedures and suggestions for if you can't pick up your child immediately after school.

We appreciate that the majority of parents pick their children up promptly after school. We also realize that on occasion due to unexpected delays parents are unavoidably late in picking up their children. Last year we had an unusually high number of parents who regularly were late for pick up. The supervision of those students presented a challenge for staff. We have made a few changes to the procedures for late pick up this year and want to notify you of the differences. Also we would like to remind parents about the need for prompt pick-up. Students are very stressed by the need to wait for parents or caregivers so please make every effort to get here on time or to make alternative arrangements for your child.

Students are expected to be picked up promptly after school. If students are not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal the following procedures will be followed:

  • Students whose parents are on campus will be expected to be with their parents and be supervised by them.
  • Students who need to call parents to determine the time of pick up will inform the after-school supervisor and the information will be relayed to the office. The office personnel will contact the parents.
  • Students will wait for their parents on the east playground in the covered lunch area. They will be supervised while they wait.
  • Late pick-up will be treated as a tardy and will be recorded on the attendance records.
  • Students who remain to complete community service must make the arrangements in advance. If your student remains after school without making the proper arrangements we will contact you and ask you to pick them up immediately.

Suggestions for those who find it difficult to pick up their children by 3:15:

  • Make arrangement with another parent, caregiver or a relative to pick up your child(ren).
  • Enroll your students in one of the many Afterschool Programs or homework club.
  • If your child is old enough give permission for them to walk to the public library and join the homework and tutoring provided there.
  • For grades 6th-8th take advantage of Youth N.O.W. (off campus) for homework assistance