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Our lottery application window for the 2021-2022 school CLOSED April 1, 2021!


Lottery took place on April 14, 2021 at 6:30 pm


Enrollment Coordinator, Andrea Williford

Call: 831-728-6301


Linscott Charter School Enrollment Policy and Procedures


Linscott Charter School (“LCS”) is a K-8 public school with limited enrollment capacity. LCS has a strong focus on parent participation/education. If there are more applications than school capacity, enrollment, except for pupils currently enrolled LCS, shall be determined by public random drawing (or “lottery”), conducted in accordance with the procedures described below.


Open Application Period

Applications for new students will be accepted during a publicly advertised Open Application Period each year, December-March 12, for attendance in the school year to come. Submission of an application is not a guarantee of enrollment in LCS; the application is an entry into the LCS lottery. If an applicant does not submit a signed application by the printed deadline, the applicant will not be entered into the LCS lottery.


Application procedures for prospective students are as follows:


All prospective families must submit a completed application within the Open Application Period, December-March 12. Applications may be submitted online or in hard copy dropped off or mailed to our site at:

220 Elm St.

Watsonville, CA 95076

Applications not received by the posted deadline will not be placed in the LCS lottery, but will be marked with the date and time of receipt and will be added to the waiting list in the chronological order received by LCS.


Parent Academy

All prospective families are required to have at least one family representative attend an orientation called the “Parent Academy” in order to be eligible for enrollment and/or be included in the LCS lottery, should one be needed. LCS will hold the orientation virtually on multiple dates and at times that are convenient for working families and may offer additional accommodations to families who are interested in applying but who cannot attend the Parent Academy. 


LCS Lottery

The LCS lottery shall be held by April 15 each year.  

Admission preference in the lottery will be given to students in the following order:

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled/returning LCS students*
  2. Children of regular payroll LCS staff members (This does not include special contract or grant-funded personnel.)
  3. Students residing within the boundaries of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District
  4. All other applicants

*Siblings are defined as natural, adopted, or foster brothers/sisters of currently enrolled students.  The sibling must share at least one natural, adoptive, or foster parent with the qualified enrolled student.


Membership in any of the above-listed groups does not guarantee admission but ensures admission preference in the LCS lottery as listed above.


If a student is extended an offer for enrollment through one of the above preferences, LCS shall require supporting documentation from the parent in the student’s enrollment package. LCS shall conduct verification of such documentation prior to finalizing the student’s enrollment. If the student was offered enrollment via a preference and LCS deems that the student does not qualify, the student will be placed on the waiting list. 



At the conclusion of the LCS lottery, all students who were not granted admission due to capacity shall be given the option to put their name on a waitlist according to their draw in the lottery, applying the same admission preferences as listed above. This waitlist will allow students the option of enrollment in the case of an opening and shall carry over from year-to-year (a “perpetual” waitlist). The waitlist shall permit prospective students to retain their position on the waitlist for the class in which they wish to enroll, providing they adhere to the application procedures and timelines contained herein. Families on the waitlist do not need to submit a new application each year to remain on the waitlist.


Should openings occur throughout the summer, the waitlist will determine the order of enrollment. If an opening occurs, the Enrollment Coordinator will inform the first family on the waitlist and offer to begin the enrollment process. A family may decline an offer once after the beginning of the school year and still maintain their position on the waitlist. If space becomes available for the same child after the start of a different school year and the family again declines, they will be removed from the waitlist.


Admissions Offers and Acceptance of Offers/Registration and Enrollment

Families who were selected during the lottery will be notified by email or phone call of enrollment eligibility and will be required to complete the enrollment/registration packet.  Families who do not submit the enrollment/registration packet by the posted due date will lose enrollment eligibility; the student’s space will no longer be reserved and may be filled by the next student on the LCS waitlist.


Kinder Round-Up/Orientation

Kinder Orientation will be held in the third week of May and will include all kindergarten students who have been offered enrollment for the following fall. Orientation includes a Practice Kindergarten Day with kinder ready assessments, parent orientation, school tour, etc.