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Parent Participation




Linscott Charter School follows the philosophy of parent involvement and experiential learning established when the school was founded. We acknowledge parents as facilitators of their children’s learning and partners in their education and are able to offer a rich curriculum due to the level of parent involvement we invite. We believe all parents have the ability to enhance the educational experience of their children in some way.  Parents’ active participation in the classroom, governance of the school, and in all other aspects of the school organization is vital to the challenging work of educating all children at Linscott. Parent involvement is welcomed and encouraged.



The purpose of this policy is to establish methods of communication between Linscott and its families regarding volunteer opportunities. Meeting safety needs of students will be a priority in securing volunteers.


Parent Interest Survey

Parents will be asked to complete a Parent Interest Survey that will indicate tasks or services they are willing/able to help with.  Surveys will be part of the enrollment packet. Administrative Regulation #8001 will outline the use of the Parent Interest Survey and ways in which the volunteer opportunities will be communicated to Linscott families.


LCS Parent Participation Policy.pdf