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Heart Room

Heart Room

Heart Room First Grade - Michelle McDougall



A balance of skill building and purposeful activities fills our days with focus and creativity. While addressing the common core standards through thematic and relevant topics, we provide the first graders the motivation to learn the skills of reading, writing and math.


We combine Houghton-Mifflin phonics and anthologies, Fountas and Pinnell, Writer's Workshop and the Superkids program for our reading, writing, and language study. Math In Focus, hands on math manipulatives and investigations weave together to give them a concrete, number sense foundation. The science and social studies standards guide our unit and project choices.


Students work individually, in small focus groups, and whole class, using collaborative teaming when possible. The day usually ends with a choice time for further explorations.


Our program is continually enriched with music, creative art, inquiry science, puppets, drama, cooking, dance, physical education, Brain Gym, and positive character development.


 Other enriching activities:

·      Teddy Bear Days

·      Sunset Beach endangered bird study

·      Animal study at Hidden Hills Ranch

·      Elkhorn Slough habitat study

·      Community services

·      McPherson Art and History Museum

·      Singing at Valley Heights

·      Monterey Bay Aquarium

·      Mount Madonna Redwoods Habitat

·      Reading Buddies

·      Build small and large model community

·      Build spacecraft while studying solar system

·      Pretend journey to the seven continents

·      Science Fair